By : Burton Hospitals Foundation Trust

Manni Imiavan – Chief Information Officer, said;

We are delighted to have contracted Clarity Tech to steer us through this complex upgrade of Patient Administration System (MediTech). We knew that they had the experience and expertise, to ensure that this project completes on time and within budget. We have a collaborative relationship with Clarity Tech personnel and are pleased they have accomplished this task within time and budget.

~Burton Hospitals Foundation Trust March 6, 2017

By : Queen’s Hospital Burton

Jo Ralph – Head of Governance and Risk, said;

Clarity Tech performed an outstanding job with the development and delivery of a robust ‘Patient Information System’ product for the Hospital. The experience, leadership, professionalism, and expertise Clarity Tech provided to this project was second to none. Clarity consultants always recommended innovative and practical solutions, and assisted with the implementation on schedule and within budget. The team was easy to work with, worked late and long hours when necessary, and earned the respect of both IT staff and business stakeholders across the Trust. We wouldn’t have done it without them…

~Queen’s Hospital Burton

By : Brent CCG

Edmund Nkrumah – Head of Performance and Informatics, said;

Clarity Tech has the professionalism and commitment to deliver business critical services. It has not only improved the performance of the process of loading and populating data, but used innovative ideas to update KPI data when changes are required. They improved business processes by improving SSIS packages and helped to improve data quality. They completed work within agreed time scales and budget.